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If you have money problems, debt problems, payday loans, credit card debt, income tax debt, student loans,  or just have overextended yourself and are looking for debt help, debt advice, debt solutions, or just debt assistance then Grant Thornton can help you!  The first place to visit is our new website for Grant Thornton Limited.  This new website has been specifically designed to service Northwestern Ontario including our offices in Thunder Bay, Dryden and Fort Frances.  We are Ontario Trustees that understand the tax and property laws as we live here with you in the same communities.  On our website, you will find a lot of useful information that will help to educate individuals on their different available options during this difficult time.  Some of these options include debt consolidation, informal debt settlement, credit counseling, consumer proposals, and bankruptcy as a last resort.

This website will also help to address debtors’ concerns over what may happen to some of their assets including houses, cars, leases, and RRSPs, in the event they have to make a filing.  At times, debtors may become overwhelmed and stressed with specific issues, therefore another alternative is to speak to a Northwestern Ontario Trustee.  A Trustee in Bankruptcy is approved by the Federal Government of Canada to provide assistance to individuals who are experiencing financial difficulties.  As well, Trustees in Bankruptcy are the most highly educated and trained debt consultants in Canada.  Please don’t let the “bankruptcy” word scare you off because we do much more than that.  We can assist individuals with everything from debt consolidation to bankruptcy as a last resort.  Furthermore, we offer FREE CONSULTATIONS to discuss your options with no pressure or strings attached.  Please contact us toll free anywhere in Northwestern Ontario in the 807 area code at 310-8888 for immediate assistance, or email us at nwodebthelp@ca.gt.com.

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